The Frog, The Octopus, and the Newt : Understanding Software Development as a Diverse Eco-system

Software development takes place in a diverse and complex eco-system that cannot be understood  from just  a text book  perspective.   While a text book understanding of practices, methodologies, and tools is necessary, it is certainly not sufficient. Context matters because Scrum team at a game development shop will not be like a Scrum team in a large financial institution. And then there are the people who are an intrinsic part of the process and not mere animators of some text book process.

Inspired by a paper originally published by Philippe Kruchten, we use the Frog, the Octopus, and Newt express software development from  three different perspectives, practices and methodologies, context, and people.

Skills and Practices Matter because All Projects are the Same

Software development from the point of view of the universal practices found in some form or another on all software projects.

Context Matters because All Projects are Different

Software Development from the perspective that context differentiates software development practices

People Matter because People Create Software

Software Development from a social perspective: that how we work together is a key determinant to success

Don’t Bulldoze the Swamp!

Consistency programs often create disappoint because they  bulldoze diverse software development eco-system into weak mono cultures.  We use the Frog, the Octopus, and the Newt as metaphors to explain how to create consistency while building healthy, diverse software development eco-systems that are productive and able to quickly adapt.