The Rock Crusher e-book Series

The “Rock Crusher” is a model of progressive elaboration for system implementation. It  maximizes learning, and minimizes waste. The Rock Crusher e-book series is a set of short stand-alone but thematically related e-books you can download to learn and apply the Rock Crusher model.

Use Backlogs for Business Analysis and Value Management

(State: first draft – just a few warts we hope) The concept of a backlog is a common feature of all Agile and Lean methodologies. A backlog opens the opportunity to actively learn from, and therefore actively steer, the development of a product and the creation of greater value for the stakeholders. A backlog facilitates Value Management. The focus on value is a major shift in our thinking about managing requirements

Where is the BA?

(State: work in progress, not a draft yet. Has not been reviewed or copy edited…many, many warts we fear) Agile methods are often presented in a very developer-centric manner that seemingly ignores other important roles in the organization such as business analyst. So, when an organization begins to talk “Agile”, many BAs become concerned about how they will fit into that new reality.  We have even seen organizations enthusiastically profess they are adopting agile because they can get rid of these superfluous roles  BA

Creating a Flow of Value

(State: work in progress, not even close to a draft yet. Has not been reviewed or copy edited…many, many warts we fear. The only part worth looking at is the table comparing planning methods in section 4) This e-book introduces the concept of multi-level planning. This e-book is actually an early draft for chapter 3 of the IIBA Agile Revisions that we are now grooming to become a stand-alone e-book.