About Me

The 411

Thirty five years’ experience designing and managing large scale software projects in telephony, railway signalling, and network management.

Job Titles and Roles Held

Agile Coach/Transformation Specialist, Entrepreneur, Developer, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Product Manager, Project Engineer, Development Manager, CTO, Process Engineer, Instructor


Doctorate in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of British Columbia 


The usual long list of things people like to put in their e-mail signatures including ICE-PO (and track co-founder), Scaled Agile Program Consultant (SPC4), Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

Some cool stuff (at least I thought it was cool) that I worked on

Things I like to do

My Journey to the “Dark Side” – Or Why the Fluffy Stuff Matters

It’s sometimes describe moving into the ranks of management as crossing over to the dark side. It is a bit hard for me to believe that I am more or less a manager, the role I despised in my youth. I like to think I started my career as a hard core product developer, I designed hardware, firmware, and software for complex systems, telephone switches, SCADA systems, Railway signalling. I believed that success was derived from raw engineering prowess. After falling flat on my face a few dozen times I realized, that while you need solid engineering skill, that is only table stakes.  How a team of people work together is key to creating and delivering great products and services. It really is quite amazing what can be accomplished by an enthusiastic group that is aligned to a common vision.

Steve Before Discovering the Power of Management

Ok this, guy, smart, got things done. Constantly performing miracles to keep his boss happy. Rarely dated.

Steve After discovering the Power Of Management

Great pilot, gave policy to the emperor and dated Natalie Portman